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"Eladio's Place is more than an adventure, it is a gateway to Nature"



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                             Eladio's Place is more than an adventure.  It's the gateway to Natureditarme.

Get to know one of the most exclusive locations in the North Pacific of Liberia, Guanacaste.  If you love nature and want to immerse yourself in it.   Please contact us.  We can offer many tours, among which are the following:

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Most people recognize Santa Rosa National Park as the site of a historic battle that cemented our country’s national identity. However, it also owns the unique distinction as being Costa Rica’s first national park and home to one of the richest and (unfortunately) most endangered ecosystem on Earth, the tropical dry forest. While dry forests throughout the world continue to be decimated by logging and fire, Santa Rosa National Park serves as a conservation success story...Click here for more information

Our surf trip to Witch's Rock you will be living a real adventure crossing the heart of Santa Rosa National Park in our powerful 4 WD., a comfortable and spacious vehicle, it is ideal for that kind of rough roads. On the road to Witch’s Rock you will have the opportunity to see: the wonderful tropical dry forest and its inhabitants such as mammals, birds, reptiles and more...Click here for more information 

Surf lessons at Witches Rock

 A dream come true…. imagine learning to surf one of the best waves in Costa Rica, Witch’s Rock. A beach break for everyone, taught by the hands of living legend Eladio Castro. Eladio is a famous surfer in Costa Rica. He has more than 35 years of experience in the world of surfing and five years dedicated to the teaching of the sport . More than 400 students have learned to surf through Eladios teaching techniques. Make your Costa Rica surfing dream a reality...Click here for more information