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History natural Sta Rosa- PLaya Naranjo

Most people reconize Santa Rosa National Park  as the site of a historic beattle that comented our countrrys national identity.   However, its also owns the unique distinctionas being Costa Rica first National parkand home to one of the richest and (unfortunately) most endangered ecosystem on Eart, the tropical dry forest.

While dry forest throughout the world continueto be decimated by logging and fire, Santa Rosa National park serveas a conservation succes story, During the dry season the forest readily gives up many of its secrets, as the animals flock to the remaining watering holes. With Eladio’s years of experience, you will have a great opportunity to see agoutis, coatis, armadillos, White-tailed deer,spiny iguanas, (or ctenosaurs), all three species of monkey ( howler, White-faced or capuchin, and spider)and numerous birds( great currasow, trogons, motmots, herons,parrots, hawks, Woodpeckers, etc.) in the wet season, numerous, exotic amphibians, reptiles,and insects can additionally be heard  and seen amidst a lush, leafy reenbackdrop. If you are very lucky, you may even catch a glimp of elusive tapir, anteaters,sloths, or any of the five local cat species(i.e. puma, jaguar,margay, ocelot and  jaguarondi).  

Nearby mangrows swamps, estuariesand the flooded forest likewis house crocodiles, land crabsand numerouswater birds.                        As our 4x4 creeps along on the road to the surfers paradise. Playa Naranjo , home to the Witch’s Rock. In a typical day, you can be steps awayfrom world class surf and rare, exotic wildlife.

Whether you are interested in Wicth´s Rock surf trip and the tour of natural history join us in Eladio´s Place.

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