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Witch´s Rock surf trip in 4WD

Our Eco surf trip will make you live unique experiences. It is a 4wd adventure crossing the heart of the tropical dry forest among other ecosystems. Accompanied by Eladio Castro, who is a pioneer in offering this service, he will be your driver. Also, he will be your guide. While he drives his powerful 4WD, he will tell you about the natural wealth that the Santa Rosa National Park protects. Named a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

You will enjoy every moment in which we advance on the road of observing the forest and fauna. Lands of jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, sea turtles and many birds. Who live in that dry tropical jungle. It makes for a really fun ride, until we get to Playa Naranjo. A site of high biodiversity.

Once at the beach we get ready to walk for about 15 minutes from the parking area to the surf spot. There are two options to take. One is to walk along the white sand beach watching a blue sea, breaking waves and the spray of the offshore wind. With the possibility of observing sea turtles and other marine species or why not a jaguar. The other way would be along the path parallel to the beach, walking under the shade of a tropical dry coastal forest, unique in the world. Any route you like to take. It will take you to the perfect setting to enjoy one of the best beach breaks in Costa Rica. Excellent waves and perfect barrels to both sides. Surf paradise inside a jungle

Departure time 7.30 am. Return after sunset. The experience will continue, back at nightfall.

Live a unique Eco surf trip Eladio's Place style

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