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Wildlife Tour

Wildlife tour we will visit a wildlife refuge, near our homes. Where we will go hiking for approximately 30 minutes, on a path with high green trees even in the summer season they are  keeping green. parallel to a cristal river.  Where we will enjoy bird watching, including the Saltarín Toledo or Manaquín, monkeys, coatis and more. Until you reach a small but magical waterfall, ideal for giving yourself a body massage and enjoying of a crystal clear river, next to the waterfall. Covered with leafy, very green trees, within one of the last remnants of the dry tropical forest. Then we go to  other one Natl Park to continue enjoying the dry forest and its fauna, such as: monkeys, coatis, acutí and more. Also, ideal for bird watching in the forest, wetlands ideal for heron sighting. Until you reach the bottom of the park and take a boat trip on the Tempisque River. Where you will enjoy the observation of many American crocodiles, of all small, medium and large sizes that exceed 4 meters. In the water or on the river beach sunbathing, being cold-blooded, they need to regulate the temperature. Watching them slide or run from the top of the beach to the river. In addition to river birds, such as: The osprey, roseta spoonbill, large green iguanas and more. Once the activity in the river is over, we return to enjoy the fauna of national park offers, and then take the return trip.
Exclusive tour with personalized attention and away from the tourist crowds.

Tour duration 8 hours
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