Witches Rock 4WD Surf Trip to Camp

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"Eladio's Place is more than an adventure, it is a gateway to Nature"


Our surf trip to Witch's Rock you will be living a real adventure crossing the heart of Santa Rosa National Park in our powerful 4 WD., a comfortable and spacious vehicle, it is ideal for that kind of rough roads. On the road to Witch’s Rock you will have the opportunity to see: the wonderful tropical dry forest and its inhabitants such as mammals, birds, reptiles and more.

Once you're in Witch's Rock, you'll enjoy world class waves with perfect barrels, accompanied by Eladio Castro an experienced Costa Rican surfer. Who knows Witch's Rock like no other person in this planet knows. He will guide you to the spot at the right time of good waves and perfect conditions that will make your trip, "an unforgettable surf trip”.

We have a variety of services tailored to meet any need you may have:

We offer a ONE DAY TOUR, supplying transportation and personal attention given by Eladio Castro himself.

We also offer the surf camp experience, in which they may choose to spend one or more nights at Witch's Rock, including; Transportation, camping equipment (Camping tent, mattresses, stove and utensils, lamps, coolers), assembly and disassembly of the camp and your choice including all of your food and beverage necessities.

Experience the "PURA VIDA "(it is relaxed style life of Costa Ricans ¡feel good )at its best; let us guide you to an experience you will never forget.

Park fees $ 15. p/p