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We will visit a private reserve, ideal for hiking in a primary forest over 500 years old, a dense forest with many greens. The high point is the visit to a volcanic canyon, where we will walk inside it until we get to take a bath in a wonderful thermal waterfall. Where you will enjoy a unique experience. In addition, you will enjoy a charming natural pool of hot springs. An exclusive farm just for us. With the possibility of being able to observe sloths, monkeys, toucans and more.

This is a tour with personalized attention and away from the tourist crowds

This tour lasts approximately 8 hours.

Includes: transportation in our 4WD, where I will be your driver and guide. In addition, it includes a delicious lunch ideal for vegetarians (rice with heart of palm, heart of palm ceviche, mashed beans, fried plantains, fresh cheese with natural drinks and coffee). Of course, if you want another type of lunch, we also offer the typical food accompanied by chicken.

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